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Cool Volt Services is focused in efficiently catering to the HVAC needs of the customer. We have the Expertise, Infra- Structure, Work force and Capability to design, plan, procure, execute and commission large, medium and small HVAC systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Electrical Panels

We, COOL VOLT SERVICES HAVE made our presence felt in the HVAC industry...

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Ventilation Systems

We undertake design and implementation of Ventilation systems for Large factories, Industries, Commercial...

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Air Conditioning System

We are pioneers in design , production and implementation of Robust, High quality...

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Power Control Panels

We manufacture electrical panels for Power controlling devices

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HVAC Solutions Design & Implementation

We are focused to serve the customers in need of Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Air-Washer...

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Building Automation Systems

PC-based control technology from Coolvolt, which has already been used successfully for almost...

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About Us

We COOL VOLT SERVICES an established company in Bangalore with multiple business activities in the field of Electrical & Electronics, BMS/BAS with main focus on HVACR applications and Experts in HVAC Projects. The company has experienced and skilled professional running the show.

Cool Volt Services is   focused   in   efficiently catering  to  the  HVAC  needs  of  the  customer.  We  have  the Expertise, Infra- Structure, Work force and Capability to design, plan, procure, execute and commission large, medium and small HVAC systems    for    industrial,    commercial    and    residential applications.

Our Vision

Customer is our main focus and quality service is our competence. Our vision is  to  do  business  without  boundaries  and  deliver  high  quality  product  and service to the customer with appropriate and best possible commercial value. Our  business  is  based  and  containing  the  designed  concept  of  long-term association with continued effort to improve the efficient accomplishment of the customer needs. We are firmly committed to the quality and paramount deliverance of the HVAC products and services to the customer

Quality Policy

Coolvolt recognises that the disciplines of quality, health and safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function. The company views these as a primary responsibility and to be the key to good business in adopting appropriate Quality standards


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